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Thank you for visiting my website.

An article has appeared in the Daily Mail this week regarding my unique childhood and the response has been amazing. I’m always apprehensive about putting myself ‘out there’ as I’m old school- as in a pre social media child!

Thank you for the emails, retweets and best wishes. They have REALLY warmed my heart.



My brand spanking new novel, Orphan Sisters  is out NOW as a pre – release! This means you can download the e-book or purchase the hardback ahead of the 21st September paperback release!

I also lend myself out as a motivational speaker and writing coach to organisations and individuals.

Feel free to look at a very old blog I used to write, detailing what occurred during my time as a newly published author. Pretty useful stuff for any writers struggling with writing their first novel. 

If you want to look at something from this century, check out  my quick YouTube video on Writing Tips and don’t forget to subscribe! But if you hate blogs, videos and just want a good read, I have four other books out there in the world!

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