Orphan Sisters Lola Jaye Collection

Hello Lovely Readers!

Did you miss me?

It HAS been a while.

Thankfully, my brand spanking new novel, Orphan Sisters is out September 2017!  This will be my FIRST novel after a brief (okay, five year) hiatus. Please forgive my tardiness and be softened by the news that this info is so hot off the press, the first online link only came out on the 31st December 2016- yes, as in VERY recently.

I am now also an online writing coach for budding authors and sometimes edit manuscripts, depending on my schedule.

You can also check out how I became an author by reading my Quick Read Reaching for the Stars – How to Make your Dreams Come True… and my first ever blog entitled; Diary Of An Unpublished Author – written eons ago and when the abacus was still in use.  I also still have my second blog detailing what occurred during my time as a newly published author. Pretty useful stuff for any writers waiting for that publishing deal.

If you want to look at something from this century, check out  my quick YouTube video on Writing Tips!

But if you hate blogs, videos and just want a good read, I have four books out there in the world and of course, a new one on the way!!

You can also add me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram where you can catch my intellectual musings about life, books, TV and anything else I can think of!



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