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Hello Lovely Readers,

I’ve been ‘away’ for a while but I’m back in fighting form!

I’m still in the process of penning a new book, with the working title; Whatever Happened To Me…?’ And NO it’s not an account of where I’ve been over the past few months (for that you’ll just have to read my Blog, which I am trying to update semi regularly- so do keep checking back!).

You can also find out how I became an author by reading my Quick Read Reaching for the Stars – How to Make your Dreams Come True… and my first ever blog entitled; Diary Of An Unpublished Author. I also still have my second blog detailing what occurred during my time as a newly published author. Pretty useful stuff for any writers waiting for that publishing deal.

But if you hate blogs and just want a good read, I have four books out there in the world, so take your pick.

You can also add me on Facebook or Twitter where you can catch my intellectual musings about life, books, TV and dancing dogs.