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A review of Being Lara appears in EBONY MAGAZINE TODAY!!!!!

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….. As this is a USA based magazine, it will take a few days for it appears in the UK – so I haven’t had a chance to look at the review. I have known about this for a few months now and when I found out I literally screamed the place down. Ebony is aspirational. A dream magazine. And I feel so blessed. Needless to say; I can’t wait to see it!   The lovely, beautiful, talented  and much …

Being Lara is out NEXT WEEK…!

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….. And to celebrate I’m giving away a few copies to anyone who writes the best poem,  posted here  in the comments section of my Blog. Doesn’t have to be long. A few lines will do – whatever you like. BUT nothing X Rated, political or littered with swear words (as IF you would!).  Oh and the poem must include the following POTATOES SOCKS RED BUS CUPCAKES Yes, they are a bit random, but should make for a fun read… …

March’s Guest Blogger is the Brilliant Author and Journalist Katy Regan!! (yes, I know it isn’t March yet!)

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Make believe writer land…..  The other evening – it was Halloween to be exact -  I was out at a bar, a  Halloween party no less,  with my friends. I am single and a mum – I don’t get out that often to places where actual, real, grown men might be, let alone where there may be the chance to indulge in a little harmless flirting.  I was all over it! I approached a friendly looking guy (the most unthreatening …