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Happy New 2014!!

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Day two of the New Year already!!     I am bleary eyed and jet-lagged having just stepped  off a plane from Texas, but I wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR (again) to everyone! I love this time of year (apart from the dodgy weather) as it’s a chance for renewal. To start afresh. Write a novel, learn to drive… whatever you want.  You can do anything!! (at least it feels like you can!) I always feel so hopeful these first …


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  “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”  – Nelson Mandela We can all learn a lot from this wonderful man. Rest in Paradise, Madiba.  

How To Write Your First Novel!

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Yes, yes, yes, It’s been a while… but I’m going to try and  update this blog as much as possible, starting today… So in the name of utter laziness, I am posting a very lovely article  from someone else. I found it yesterday whilst researching (procrastinating) and it’s called ‘How to Write Your First Novel…’ and I just HAD to share (on Facebook, Twitter and now here). I luv the fact that an array of successful authors are letting you into …