It’s Been a While…

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Hello All,

It’s been a while…

So what has happened in the last month or so?   

Well, those of you who didn’t know, my fourth published book, ‘Being Lara’ was released in America! So, the events and stuff that  followed (plus just being a bit worn out in general) may have prevented me from updating this Blog… So erm.. here’s a quick rundown of Lola’s World over the last few weeks…

My book at Atlanta airport!!

Book launch dinner

Blog tours                                                

My Book in a Target store Atlanta!!

Reading lots of reviews including one from the influential Publisher’s Weekly. Receiving a lovely review from ‘the industry’ is just as special as from a reader as it means your colleagues also respect what you have written.

And I finally bought a copy of Ebony magazine!  Opening it up to see my book right there inside of a publication I have admired for years- priceless.

The emails from readers have been so very touching and lovely. As I have said before, when I write a book, I’m sort of writing it for me… so to then have people read it (that always shocks me) AND to feel compelled to take the time out to write to me..? That just takes my breath away.

So thank you.


That was fun.

Most notably, were the stores Target and Barnes and Noble.   I also got to meet the author Eric Jerome Dickey whose review just happens to be on the same page as mine in Ebony magazine this month. It felt nice to hand him over a copy as he hadn’t yet seen it. And the  biggest shock of all? Seeing my book in Atlanta airport! I was on my way back to England and decided to browse the books and I SAW BEING LARA ON A TABLE JUST ABOVE SIDNEY SHELDON’S.

Deep breath, deep breath.

The lovely sales assistant took some photos of me ‘posing’ with my book and this was a fitting end to a rather lovely stay  in  sunny Atlanta.

So apologies for going back on my promise to update this Blog a little more regularly (but posting this today means I at least get one post in for April - tee hee).

The Guest Blogs will be coming back next month so stay tuned and if you haven’t got a copy of Being Lara yet… what are you waiting for?

“But we can’t buy it in England yet!” I hear some of you cry…


Being Lara is released TODAY!!!!!!

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Available wherever books are sold in the USA;

Yes, that’s ALL 50 States!!!

Being Lara is my 4th book and you know what? The excitement of release day/week/month never fades. This feeling NEVER get’s old. Those of you who have followed me from Day One on my unpublished author blog,will know the ‘struggles’  I went through to get that first publishing deal which started with By The Time You Read This… (that book was my first PUBLISHED book but by know means the first I’d written.)

It really gives me joy when I receive an email or a Twitter post from a newly published author saying; ‘I read your Blog and it gave me hope…’

What a joy.
Because authors like Lisa Jewell and Lolita Files gave me hope when I was unpublished.

Now, Lolita has written a quote for Being Lara and Lisa Jewell wrote one for By The Time You Read This…  


Has all this really happened?

Yes It has and I thank God, my agents, publishers, my family, readers everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Being Lara  is out TODAY. Available in all independent book stores,  Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon…

UK readers: may be able to purchase a copy at The Book Depository  and of course, it’s also available as an e-book wherever e-books are sold.


Now, I’ve just finished a radio interview with the lovely Dr Alvin and I may have a celebratory cupcake… or two… after I change out of my dressing gown!!!!

A review of Being Lara appears in EBONY MAGAZINE TODAY!!!!!

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….. As this is a USA based magazine, it will take a few days for it appears in the UK – so I haven’t had a chance to look at the review.

I have known about this for a few months now and when I found out I literally screamed the place down.

Ebony is aspirational. A dream magazine. And I feel so blessed.

Needless to say; I can’t wait to see it!


The lovely, beautiful, talented  and much missed Whitney Houston is on the front cover.


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