And I am still in my PJ’s writing…

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…And I am still in my PJ’s writing…

Yes, my aim is to get LOADS done on my new fantasy novel, over the holidays. Of course I will have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, but the rest of the time will (hopefully) be devoted to clocking up a certain number of words each day. Of course I don’t type in the evenings, so I’ll still be changing out of the PJ’s and into something more fetching to celebrate at various points during the holidays – but for the most part THIS FIRST DRAFT OF THIS NOVEL WILL BE COMPLETED…


Or at least attempted….

I met with my publishers today… IN NEW YORK CITY!

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As I was visiting the Big Apple anyway, I thought it a great idea to finally meet my new Editor and Publicist.
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Rebellion as a Writer (err…. kind of)

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So this weekend is all about editing ‘Being Lara’ which ordinarily would be fine… but let me tell you- I am soooo into my new ‘fantasy’ novel (yes, let’s call it that because it’s kinda part fantasy, part sci fi) and basically correcting my new ‘about to be published novel’ takes me away from my new, new one.

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