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Lola Jaye

Writing Coach


 The journey of idea to book can be long and arduous.
Whether you have always wanted to write your life story, self publish or become a traditionally published author with one of the ‘Big Five’ – as a Writing Coach, I’m on hand to provide consultation services on a regular basis, whether this be weekly, monthly, or as-needed. I may even make the tea.  There’s so much to talk about too-  the actual craft of writing, setting realistic and attainable goals, the ever evolving writing business, as well as motivational techniques to keep you writing (on days when all you want to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix).
Together, we can come up with a writing plan that maximizes your time and budget.
My Group Workshops & One to One Tutorials can include:                                                books
  • Editing
  • Manuscript Review
  • Synopsis
  • Story Construction 
  • Conflict
  • The Hero’s Journey Plot (Character Archetypes)
  • Characterization
  • Beginning, Middle & End
New Year Sale Prices
Initial 25 minute Skype Consultation: $Free
Hourly Skype/In Person Consultation: Starts at $39/hr
Now $19.50/hr
Manuscript Editing & Evaluation (double spaced/one sided) starts at  $4/page
Now starts at $3.00/page for manuscripts over 100 pages*
Fixed $4.00/page for manuscripts under 100 pages*
*In depth copy editing can be arranged when manuscript is ready for submission to publisher. Prices will vary.

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