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As an author and qualified psychotherapist (member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy  -BACP) my passions are motivating and writing. So now I get to incorporate these two elements by offering a range of services that just might interest those of you who want to write a book or are simply struggling with getting motivated.

Writing Coach

It’s a New Year and time for reflections and resolutions. That voice in the back of our heads reminding us of the things we wanted to do, or were supposed to do, but didn’t get around to. Again!

If one of your resolutions has always been to write a book then get in touch. 
Together we can;
  • Help you set weekly or monthly writing goals
  • Help you structure and fine tune your writing.
  • Hold you accountable to your writing goals
  • Keep you focused and motivated
Let 2018 become the year you finally write that book! 


– Initial 25 minute video consultation: $Free

– Hourly video/telephone Consultation:  $55/hr (£70/hr) Half hour slots are also available at half the cost.

– Ongoing evaluation of sample pages of novel/synopsis/outline: $3.00 (£2.50) a page*


Motivational Coach

I can tackle a range of subjects- not just writing – and my speeches are designed to get you motivated and ready to unlock your potential, whether it be to write a book or conquer your fears!  I can work with you individually, in a group or as part of a large audience. 

If you would like to book for yourself/charity/church/organisation, please contact me on

 Fee/duration varies.

School/College/Sixth Form/University Visits

I love speaking to students 15+ to talk about diversity in books and the importance of more than one story being told. I believe that young people- especially those from diverse backgrounds – can benefit from reading about characters who look like them and to know that their story matters.

I also give talks on the importance of self care and mental health awareness; subjects very close to my heart. Please contact me on

 Fee/duration varies.


Wonita Christine Network

I enjoyed having Lola Jaye speak at my Women in Power event in 2017. Her motivational story was very amazing and left lasting impressions on attendees. Communicating with Lola prior to the event was very easy. She has a relatable and down to earth personality. Great for events!

Nicole Scott
I attended a workshop taught by Lola at the AJC Decatur Book Festival. Her class was great. She brought plenty of material, gave feedback on our writing, and gave examples of how to ignite our creativity. If you have an opportunity to take her classes it will be well worth it!

Sharolyn Banks Shealey
 Lola gives wonderful insight and breaks the writing process down, making it feel less intimidating.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested!


*(double spaced/one sided/Ariel 12) $3.00 (£2.50) a page.