I met with my publishers today… IN NEW YORK CITY!

As I was visiting the Big Apple anyway, I thought it a great idea to finally meet my new Editor and Publicist.

So, over a very messy and delicious NYC burger up on 5th Avenue, we talked, laughed and discussed my book ‘Being Lara’ .THREE MONTHS AND COUNTING! I do feel a lot calmer about it now, so the meeting was a good idea. Emailing and calls are okay, but nothing really beats a face-to-face. And as Hurricane Irene had prevented my Editor from meeting me in London way back in September, this was very welcome.

And she’s great, by the way!

As always, New York is an amazing city to visit and I ate rather too much. Namely, soul food, courtesy of Brooklyn and Harlem and THE MOST AMAZING CHEESCAKE thanks to Junior’s in Brooklyn. I remembered P.Diddy talking about it in one of his shows, years ago and I vowed to taste it – and it was well worth the wait.  

This is my first time visiting NYC during December, so the festive feel is in full swing.  Not long to go before Christmas. Then 2012. Then March….

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